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At Americana Rare Coin, we offer top-dollar in the Sacramento area for coins, currency, and precious metals. If you are considering selling your old coins, bullion, or paper money, we provide cash payments and ensure the best value in the region. Our competitive pricing is always aligned with the latest spot prices and market trends.

At our Sacramento coin shop on Folsom Boulevard, we provide free appraisals for coins, currency, and bullion. We accommodate collections of any size, from extensive estates to lifelong coin collections. No appointment is necessary—walk-ins are welcome during our regular business hours.

Please note, we MUST see all coins in-person to provide a quote, as the condition of an item significantly influences its value. We cannot provide a quote if you send us images. We DO NOT PROVIDE QUOTES OVER THE PHONE. We DO NOT buy stamps or scrap jewelry (unless the jewelry is coin related).

During the appraisal, our team will carefully sort through your coins, paper money and bullion and prepare an itemized list. We will then present offers for each individual item or group of like bulk items, taking into account its rarity, condition, and composition.

We are ALWAYS buying the items below, but not limited to:


  • U.S. Coins - We are quoting strong offers for PCGS, NGC, ANACS, CACG, and ICG certified coins. We also offer competitive prices for non-certified (also known as, raw) coins. 
    • Half Cents
      • Liberty Cap Half Cent 
      • Draped Bust Half Cent
      • Classic Head Half Cent
      • Braided Hair Half Cent 
    • Large Cents
      • Flowing Hair Cent 
      • Liberty Cap Cent
      • Draped Bust Cent
      • Classic Head Cent 
      • Coronet (Matron) Head Cent 
      • Braided Hair Cent
    • Small Cents
      • Flying Eagle Cent
      • Indian Head Cent 
      • Lincoln Wheat Cent
    • Two-Cent Pieces 
    • Three-Cent Pieces
      • Three-Cent Silver
      • Three-Cent Nickel
    • Nickels
      • Shield Nickel 
      • Liberty Head V-Nickel
      • Buffalo Nickel 
      • Jefferson Nickel
    • Half Dimes
      • Flowing Hair Half Dime
      • Draped Bust Half Dime 
      • Capped Bust Half Dime 
      • Liberty Seated Half Dime
    • Dimes
      • Draped Bust Dime
      • Capped Bust Dime 
      • Seated Liberty Dime 
      • Barber Dime
      • Mercury Dime 
      • Roosevelt Dime 
    • Twenty-Cent Pieces
    • Quarters
      • Draped Bust Quarter
      • Capped Bust Quarter
      • Seated Liberty Quarter
      • Barber Quarter 
      • Standing Liberty Quarter 
      • Washington Quarter 
    • Half Dollars
      • Flowing Hair Half Dollar 
      • Draped Bust Half Dollar
      • Capped Bust Half Dollar
      • Seated Liberty Half Dollar
      • Barber Half Dollar 
      • Walking Liberty Half Dollar
      • Franklin Half Dollar 
      • Kennedy Half Dollar 
    • Dollars
      • Flowing Hair Dollar
      • Draped Bust Dollar
      • Gobrecht Dollar
      • Seated Liberty Dollar
      • Trade Dollar
      • Morgan Dollar
      • Peace Dollar 
      • Eisenhower Dollar
    • Gold Coins
      • Gold Dollar G$1
      • Gold Quarter Eagle $2.50
      • Gold Three Dollar Gold Piece $3
      • Gold Half Eagle $5
      • Gold Eagle $10
      • Gold Double Eagle $20
    • Commemorative Coins
      • Early Commemorative Coins 
      • Modern Commemorative Coins
    • U.S. Mint and Proof Sets 
    • U.S. Bullion Coins
      • American Gold Eagle
      • American Silver Eagle
      • American Platinum Eagle
      • American Palladium Eagle
      • American Silver & Gold Buffalo
  • World Coins
  • Ancient Coins


  • U.S. Currency
    • Educational Notes
    • Legal Tender Notes
    • Silver Certificates 
    • Gold Certificates 
    • Treasury Notes 
    • National Bank Notes 
    • Federal Reserve Bank Notes
    • Federal Reserve Notes 
    • Hawaii Emergency Issue Notes
    • North African Emergency Issue Notes
    • Error Notes
  • World Currency


  • Gold
    • Gold American Eagles
    • Gold American Buffalos 
    • Gold Canadian Maples
    • Gold South African Krugerrands
    • PAMP Gold Bars
    • Valcambi Gold Bars
    • 1oz Gold Bars
    • Mexican Gold Pesos
    • Mexican Centenarios
    • Pre-33 Gold
    • Certified Pre-33 Gold 
    • Raw Gold Nuggets
  • Silver 
    • Generic Silver Rounds
    • American Silver Eagles
    • Canadian Silver Maples
    • Australian Silver Kangaroos
    • South African Silver Krugerrands
    • Mexican Libertads
    • Mexican Casa De Moneda
    • Vintage Silver Art Bars
    • 1oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 5oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 10oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 100oz Silver Bars
    • PAMP Silver Bars
    • Valcambi Silver Bars
    • Junk Silver (90% Silver, 40% Silver & 35% Silver Coins)
  • Platinum
    • Platinum American Eagles
    • Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs
    • Platinum Bars
  • Palladium 
    • Palladium American Eagles
    • Palladium Canadian Maple Leafs
    • Palladium Bars

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