Sell Your Coins

At Americana Rare Coin, we are paying top dollar in the Sacramento area for coins, gold, silver, currency, and bullion. If you are thinking about selling your old coins, gold, silver, paper money, etc. we pay cash and offer the highest value in the area. We DO NOT buy stamps or scrap jewelry (unless the jewelry is coin related).

We offer free appraisals at our Sacramento coin shop. No appointment needed. Walk-ins are welcomed during our normal business hours. 

Please note, we MUST see the coin(s) in person to give you a quote, as condition plays a huge factor in determining the value of the item. (We cannot provide a quote if you send us images).

During the appraisal, our team members will sort your coins, then write down an itemized list of your items. We then provide offers on each individual item, taking in consideration the rarity, condition, and composition of each item.

We are buying the items below (but not limited to):

  • US Coins
    • Half Cents
    • Large Cents 
    • Flying Eagle Cents
    • Lincoln Cents 
    • Two-Cent Pieces
    • Three-Cent Pieces
    • Twenty-Cent Pieces
    • Shield Nickels
    • V-Nickels
    • Buffalo Nickels
    • Half Dimes
    • Seated Liberty Dimes
    • Roosevelt Dimes
    • Walking Liberty Dollars
    • Kennedy Half Dollars
    • Franklin Half Dollars
    • Standing Liberty Quarters
    • Washington Quarters
    • Trade Dollars
    • Seated Liberty Dollars
    • Morgan Dollars
    • Peace Dollars 
    • Silver Classic Commemoratives
  • Silver
    • American Silver Eagles
    • Canadian Silver Maples
    • Australian Silver Kangaroos
    • South African Silver Krugerrands
    • Generic Silver Rounds
    • Mexican Libertads
    • Mexican Casa De Moneda
    • Vintage Silver Art bars
    • 1oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 5oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 10oz Silver Bars & Rounds
    • 100oz Silver Bars
    • PAMP Silver Bars
    • Junk Silver (90% Silver & 40% Silver Coins)
  • Gold
    • American Gold Eagles
    • Gold Buffalos 
    • Gold Canadian Maples
    • Gold South African Krugerrands
    • PAMP Gold Bars
    • 1oz Gold Bars
    • Mexican Gold Pesos
    • Mexican Centenarios
    • Pre-33 Gold
    • Raw Gold Nuggets
  • U.S. Currency (Paper Money)
  • Error Notes
  • Foreign & World Coins and Currency
  • Ancient Coins

If you have any questions, please let us know by filling out the form below or give us a call at (916) 376-7352

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